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How Do I Apply to Join the Deadline Funnel Affiliate Program?
How Do I Apply to Join the Deadline Funnel Affiliate Program?
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Deadline Funnel customers (or those on the free 14-day trial) may apply to join the Deadline Funnel affiliate program after they have referred at least 3 new customers to Deadline Funnel through our "Tell a Friend" referral program.
Here's how it works:


1. Sign into your Deadline Funnel account, or sign up for your free 14-day Deadline Funnel trial.

2. Click "Referral Program" under your user icon or from within your account settings.

3. Copy and share your referral link (also called your "Tell a Friend" link) with your audience to encourage new users to sign up for Deadline Funnel.

Make sure to read the terms of service and follow the rules of promotion. Short version: "Don't do anything that has the potential of damaging the reputation or brand of Deadline Funnel."
For each referral who completes their trial and converts to a Deadline Funnel customer, you'll earn $25 USD credit towards your Deadline Funnel subscription (applied to your next billing cycle).

4. Once you have reached 3 referrals, a Deadline Funnel staff member will review your referral history and send you an invitation to apply for the Deadline Funnel affiliate program. If accepted, you'll be moved from our "Tell a Friend" referral program to our affiliate program, where you can start earning 33% recurring commissions on all future Deadline Funnel referrals through your unique link.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: "What is the difference between your 'Tell a Friend' referral program and your 'affiliate program'?"

A: All Deadline Funnel customers (and those on the 14-day free trial) are automatically provided a "Tell a Friend" referral link upon signing up for Deadline Funnel. You may use this to share Deadline Funnel with your audience and earn a one-time $25 credit towards your Deadline Funnel account for each referral you make. (A referral in this case is a person who completes their Deadline Funnel trial and converts to a paying Deadline Funnel customer.) Our affiliate program is by application only, and it is open to those who have made 3 or more referral signups through their "Tell a Friend" referral link. Once accepted to the affiliate program, affiliates will earn 33% recurring commissions instead of $25 credits.

Q : "My referral dashboard inside my Deadline Funnel account is showing 3 (or more) referrals, but I never received an email to apply for the affiliate application program."

A: Please contact our team at

Q : "Can I partner with you to do a special promotion (e.g. webinar) to my audience even though I'm only a part of the Tell a Friend program?"

A: We are always happy to explore potential promotional opportunities with our clients. Please contact our team at

Q: "Can I continue to refer people to Deadline Funnel with my 'Tell a Friend' link if I don't have an active Deadline Funnel account?"

A: No. Your "Tell a Friend" referral link will provide you a $25 credit for each referral signup towards your Deadline Funnel subscription, which is why you must remain an active customer to use your Tell a Friend link.

Q: "Can I be an affiliate if I don't have an active Deadline Funnel account?"

A: Yes. Once you have been approved for the affiliate program, you can still continue to be an affiliate of Deadline Funnel without having an active subscription.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at

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