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How Do I Apply to Join the Deadline Funnel Affiliate Program?
How Do I Apply to Join the Deadline Funnel Affiliate Program?
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1. Apply to join the Deadline Funnel affiliate program here:

2. Make sure to read the terms of service and follow the rules. Short version: "Don't do anything that has the potential of damaging the reputation or brand of Deadline Funnel."

3. If you're approved, then you'll be able to log in to your affiliate account to copy your affiliate links:

Frequently-Asked Questions

Q : "Can we set up a special offer for my audience?"

A: Please contact our team at and outline why offering a unique deal to your audience is going to be a win-win.

You don't have to have a huge audience but you would need to show that there's a strong possibility that many of the people in your audience would be a great fit for Deadline Funnel.

Q: "Can we do a webinar/training for my audience?"

A: Yes. Contact our team at with details on what you'd like to do.

Q: "Are the affiliate commissions recurring?"

A: Yes, as long as the customer you referred remains a paying customer, you will continue to receive commissions.

Q: "Can I be an affiliate if I don't have an active Deadline Funnel account?"

A: Yes, you can still be an affiliate of Deadline Funnel without having an active subscription.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at

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