If you're setting up an evergreen funnel and you're not sure exactly how many days you should choose, here's how to figure it out, and also how to make sure you have the timing correct.

Example: 3 Days at 11:59pm

If someone starts their tracking on Monday at 11am EST, their deadline will be Thursday at 11:59pm EST.

Key Point to Understand:

Deadline Funnel does NOT start counting from when the tracking record is started... but rather from the first full 24 hour day.

To be clear: the first FULL 24 hour day will be the first day (what we call "day one") in the calculation.

So going back to the example "3 Days at 11:59pm" campaign:

Let's assume the prospect is initially tracked by Deadline Funnel sometime on Monday.

Don't count Monday. It's not a full 24 hour day. Deadline Funnel considers that "Day Zero" and it doesn't count in the calculation.

Tuesday is "day one".

Wednesday is "day two".

Thursday is "day 3" of the 3 day campaign.

So the deadline will be 11:59pm on Thursday.

To make sure you understand, here's a very short video that explains further:

Example: 48-hour Deadline

If someone starts their tracking on Monday at 11am EST, their deadline will be Wednesday at 11am EST - exactly 48 hours later.

Test Your Campaign Before Sending

Deadline Funnel makes it easy to test.

Here's how to test your Deadline Funnel campaign.

Our best advice is to map out the timing of your emails in a spreadsheet and indicate exactly what day their deadline would expire if a lead were to enter your funnel today. Since you're going to test by entering your funnel today, if you know the exact date that you would be getting the final email, then you would compare this to your tracking in Deadline Funnel.

Here's an example from a client who mapped out his emails like this:

As you can see, he knows that if he begins in the funnel today, his final email will arrive on a specific Wednesday.

And in fact this matches exactly what he saw when he went through as a new lead (after deleting his tracking). See Deadline Date row below:

If you have any questions, please let us know at help@deadlinefunnel.com.

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