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How to Trigger a Deadline Manually
How to Trigger a Deadline Manually
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You have the ability to trigger a deadline manually for a specific lead or group of leads.

You can use the 'Import' feature to add email(s) and instantly trigger your campaign for those specific email(s).

Video Tutorial:

How to Trigger a Deadline Manually

Navigate to the Deadline Funnel campaign you want to use and click on 'Analytics' in the top blue bar.

Then click the 'Import' button:

Choose between importing a list of subscribers or individual subscribers:

If you choose "Import Bulk", you can add multiple subscribers to your campaign at one time. Add the first names, emails, and tracking start dates for the lead(s) you want to add to your Deadline Funnel Campaign and click 'Import tracking events':

If you choose "Import Single Entries", you can add one or more rows and add the first name, email, and tracking start date in the respective fields and then click "Import Tracking Events". If you're adding multiple subscribers, you can also choose the "Use the same start date for all" option:

The emails you imported are now included in your event tracking with an appropriate deadline:

That's it!

If you have any questions, please let us know at or in our live chat at the bottom right of your screen


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