Preview mode can be used to get additional information about specific pages in your campaign(s).

It also excludes your IP from being redirected away from any pages while it's enabled, so that you (and any team members who are added to the list) can work on them without being redirected.

You can find Preview Mode by clicking on Your Account in the top menu:

Then click on Advanced and select Preview Mode

Preview mode is automatically disabled, to enable it just click on “Enable preview mode”:

In this section you’ll see an empty box, once you click “Enable preview mode”, you’ll see your IP address show up in the box:

Note: You can also add the IP address of coworkers or colleagues, anyone who needs to be able to see their own tracking information on the page. Just hit Save once you've added them.

Now you can navigate to a page where you have the deadline installed and you’ll see the Deadline Funnel logo in the bottom left corner of the screen:

If you click on it, it will open up a bar with some additional information about how Deadline Funnel is interacting with the page, like what your personal deadline is, and where you’ll be redirected when it expires. You can click 'hide preview' in the top right corner of the bar to close it again:

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