Deadline Funnel has a feature, called the Single Point of Entry, which enables you to redirect untracked visitors to your optin form and force them to start at the top of your automated funnel.

If someone shares a link from the middle of your funnel sequence and the new visitor is not being tracked, you can choose to re-direct these new visitors back to the opt-in page before they can continue.

DF integrates with every Email Service Provider using the opt-in form integration, so once you have turned on this new redirect feature, you will be able to add the new visitor's information to your email service provider account along with their deadline date. In this way, your subsequent emails in your funnel sequence will reference the correct date.

Watch this short video to learn more:

How to Set This Up:

For this example, we are assuming that the Deadline Funnel campaign is already set up.

1 In 'Edit Campaign' navigate to Settings >> Advanced, and click to turn on the 'Redirect untracked visitors to optin page' feature:

2 Then 1) add the URL for your optin page in the 'Optin Page URL' box and 2) click 'Save':

3 In order for the Single Point of Entry feature to work you must: 1. Add the Deadline Funnel tracking code to each page you want to redirect if the visitor is not being tracked 2. Add each page that you want to redirect to the Funnel Steps as an inline countdown or floating bar

That's it! You're all set. Now if someone lands on a page that is in the middle of your funnel sequence and Deadline Funnel realizes they are not being tracked, the software will return them to your original opt-in page so that when they optin they can be tracked and have their deadline set.

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