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How to Exclude Days from your Deadline
How to Exclude Days from your Deadline
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This feature is useful if you want to set up a deadline that excludes specific days from the funnel. Example: You have 5 days worth of emails to send to people but you don't send out emails on Saturdays and Sundays, so you need the deadline to match that.

To use this feature, go into the Settings tab and find the option to Exclude Days:

A dropdown will appear and you can select any day of the week that you wish to exclude from your funnel:

You can select multiple days at a time:

In the above example the deadline is set for 5 days at 11:59pm but it excludes Saturday and Sunday. This means that if someone enters the funnel on Friday, Saturday and Sunday won't count as days in the deadline funnel and their deadline would expire on the following Friday at 11:59pm.

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