On June 1, 2019, we'll be discontinuing our legacy Zapier integration. This guide will help you switch to our newer integration so that your Zaps continue working smoothly :)

If you need help or have any questions, please send us a message on deadlinefunnel.com.

1. Check if your Zap is connected to the legacy integration

Open your Zap, and check if the "Action" app uses Deadline Funnel (Legacy) :

If it does, you will need to switch it to the new integration as shown below.

2. Test your Zap to find the promotion ID

This step is important so that you can note which Deadline Funnel campaign your Zap is currently connected to.

Go to Test This Step and click on Re-test This Step :

Then click on Send Test to Deadline Funnel (Legacy) :

Finally, make a note of the promotion ID shown on this screen:

In this example, the promotion ID is 47783. We'll need this number later!

3. Switch to the newest Deadline Funnel integration

Click on Deadline Funnel (Legacy ) under Start Deadline in the left menu, and then type Deadline Funnel into the text box in the middle and select Deadline Funnel:

4. Connect to Deadline Funnel

Select the Start Deadline action, and then Save + Continue :

Click Connect an Account :

Click Authorize :

5. Update your Zap

Select your Deadline Funnel campaign by entering the promotion ID (from step 2) or campaign name into the Promotion field shown in the screenshot below:

Select the email address field from the app you are integrating with Deadline Funnel in this Zap:

Send a test to Deadline Funnel to verify the Zap is working:

Enable your Zap:

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