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Deadline Funnel can help boost your sales for your marketing campaigns in ConvertKit! 😎

Each subscriber in your sequence will be automatically assigned their own custom deadline - whether you're doing a webinar… an email sequence… an automated launch… or really ANY type of campaign.

If you're not using a deadline you're leaving money on the table!

Here's a quick guide on how to get started with Deadline Funnel + ConvertKit, so you can build your evergreen funnel.

Deadline Funnel University: Check out the How to Create an Evergreen Email Funnel course on Deadline Funnel University for a free training series on building your first evergreen campaign!

1. Create your Deadline Funnel campaign

First things first - you will need to create a campaign in Deadline Funnel before you can set up the integration with ConvertKit.

When creating your campaign, we recommend selecting the "Email Sequence + Special Offer" blueprint:

Then you'll set the deadline length and add your first pages. Don't worry too much about those two items - you can come back later and change those at any time.

Once you've created your Deadline Funnel campaign, you will be taken to the Quick Start Guide, where you can verify that the correct trigger has been selected:

Now you can follow the steps below to integrate with ConvertKit.

We're here to help! Contact us on live chat (bottom right corner of the screen) Monday - Friday, 6am-6pm Eastern. Or you can shoot us an email any time at 🙂

2. Set up the ConvertKit integration

After you've created your Deadline Funnel campaign, set up the integration between Deadline Funnel and ConvertKit.

This integration allows you to trigger the deadline based on when a specific tag is applied to a contact.

View the integration guide here!

Click here to import a ready-to-customize automation into your ConvertKit account that includes our email swipe file to help you get started with Deadline Funnel!

3. Add Deadline Funnel email links to your automation

Once the integration is up and running, the Deadline will be triggered for any contact who receives that tag.

That's the first key part for Deadline Funnel tracking - tracking the email address of each contact as they go through your sequence.

The second critical part for Deadline Funnel tracking is to add Deadline Funnel email links to the emails in your sequence, wherever you're linking to a page that has a Deadline Funnel timer or redirect on it.

That would normally be your special offer page, which normally would get redirected to a different page after the deadline expires.

Here's our guide on adding the Deadline Funnel email links to your emails.

Please note that you cannot integrate Deadline Funnel + ConvertKit correctly unless you add the DF links to your emails!

Email timers and dynamic deadline text (optional)

You can customize your ConvertKit emails with an animated timer, or add a dynamic date and time. Step-by-step instructions for adding those can be found in the following articles:

Automated Webinars

If you're setting up an evergreen webinar using ConvertKit, Deadline Funnel, and EverWebinar, we have a helpful guide on how to do that here.

While we don't currently have guides for other webinar platforms, you can generally follow the same steps if you're integrating with another webinar platform. And please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Timing tips for ConvertKit

You can find a helpful guide on how to time out your Email Sequence in ConvertKit with your Deadline here.

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