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How to Use Your Custom Field in Your Email

Important Note: There can be a delay between when the webhook triggers the deadline for a contact and when the contact's custom field gets populated with their deadline. Because of this, we recommend that you don't use the custom field in your emails until at least one day after the deadline is initially triggered.

1. In the email editor, place the cursor where you want to add the dynamic date and time and click 'Merge':

2. Scroll to 'Contact Field (custom)' and select your Deadline Funnel custom field that you created when setting up the API integration (we named ours 'deadlinetext'):

3. This will insert your custom field placeholder into your email:

4. When you send yourself the broadcast email, you will see that the placeholder has been replaced with the deadline text format you chose in your setup.

NOTE : You must send the actual broadcast, the placeholder will not be replaced in a test message. You can send the broadcast to yourself first to test the delivery.

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