Integrating your Thinkific Sales Page with Deadline Funnel enables you to create an evergreen funnel offering access to your course for a limited time.

  • Each deadline will be personalized on an individual basis
  • When the deadline passes, Deadline Funnel will prevent leads from visiting your course page
  • You can choose what URL to redirect visitors to after the deadline expires

Integrate your Thinkific Promotion with Deadline Funnel:

In your Deadline Funnel admin, click on 'Tracking Code' to copy your Deadline Funnel tracking code:

In Thinkific, navigate to Design Your Site >> Advanced Settings >> Site Footer Code:

Paste your Deadline Funnel tracking code into the box and click 'Save Changes':

Navigate back to Deadline Funnel, add the URL of your Thinkific page to the Pages section, select 'Floating Bar', and (optionally) add your Redirect URL, then hit 'Save':

When you view your Thinkific Course Page you will see your floating bar countdown timer. Here's an example of what the Floating Bar looks like:

Adding an Inline Countdown Timer to your Thinkific Page

In Pages select 'Display Inline Timer' instead of Floating Bar, add a redirect URL, copy the HTML code needed to show your inline timer on your page, and click 'Save':

Return to Thinkific and click to Edit your 'Course Page':

On the 'Landing Page' tab, click on the 'Description' box to add the code for your inline countdown timer:

Click the 'source' code icon to edit the HTML for your page:

Paste the Deadline Funnel HTML snippet into description box where you want your inline countdown timer to appear and click 'Save':

When you preview your Course Page you will see your inline countdown:

That's it!

If you have any questions, please let us know at

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