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How to Integrate Deadline Funnel with Chatfuel
How to Integrate Deadline Funnel with Chatfuel
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Note: This article covers how to integrate your Chatfuel sequence with Deadline Funnel if you are only using Chatfuel to share your special offer with prospects. If you're wanting to use Chatfuel AND an Email sequence together, please see this article.


Chatfuel is an app for creating Facebook Messenger bots to use in your ads and marketing.

With Deadline Funnel and Chatfuel, you can add authentic deadlines to your automated sequences in Chatfuel. After someone subscribes to your chat sequence you can trigger a Deadline Funnel campaign and give your lead a deadline to take advantage of your special offer.

If you're unfamiliar with chatbots, here's guide on Messenger Marketing and Facebook Chatbots that should help.

In order to integrate Deadline Funnel with Chatfuel you will need:

How to integrate Chatfuel with Deadline Funnel via API:

1. Click on the Integrations tab in Deadline Funnel and then choose your campaign to set up your Chatfuel integration:

2. Click 'New Integration'

3. Select 'Create Deadline Funnel Tracking' and click 'Next':

4. Make sure that Chatfuel is selected and then click 'Next':

5. Click on the webhook to copy it:

6. Follow the instructions in this next section to insert the webhook to your sequence in Chatfuel

How to Integrate Deadline Funnel with Chatfuel:

1. In the screenshot below, you can see that we've set up a "demo" sequence in Chatfuel:

2. In your Chatfuel sequence, add a 'JSON API' plugin to the sequence:

3. Select 1) 'Post' for the type and 2) paste your Deadline Funnel Webhook URL into the box provided:

4. In the 'User Attributes' box choose 'Messenger ID' to capture the Facebook Messenger ID:

What we're passing to Deadline Funnel is the messenger ID that will enable Deadline Funnel to track your leads accurately without an email address.

5. In the Emails section of your Deadline Funnel campaign, copy your Deadline Funnel email link:

6. In the special offer section of your Chatfuel sequence, paste your Deadline Funnel email link and then add #{{messenger user id}} to the end:

7. Click 'Test this Chatbot':

8. Confirm the "Messenger ID" gets sent from Chatfuel to Deadline Funnel: Navigate to Analytics in your Deadline Funnel account and check the Event Tracking area to make sure you can see the 'Messenger ID':

9. Add email links to your Chatfuel sequence: Anywhere in Chatfuel that you're linking to your sales page, you'll need to use the email links provided by Deadline Funnel and add:

{ {messenger user id }}

to the end of the link (instead of directly linking to your sales page).

If you have any questions while setting up this integration, please contact us in chat (click the blue icon, bottom right corner of the screen) and we'll be happy to help.

If you have any questions, please let us know at

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