In this doc, we'll show you How to Integrate Deadline Funnel with a Keap Order Form. There are a few additional steps to complete as well -

Note: We've recently updated this article to reflect the name change from Infusionsoft to Keap.

You can integrate Deadline Funnel with an Keap Order Form and display a floating bar countdown timer.

1. Click 'Tracking Code' to copy the Deadline Funnel tracking code for your funnel:

2. Navigate to your order form and click 'HTML Areas':

3. Paste your Deadline Funnel tracking code into the 'Product Information' box and save your changes:

4. Navigate to Pages, click on "Add New Page", select 'Display Floating Bar', add your Keap Order Form URL and also add your redirect URL and then click 'Save':

Important Note:

The Keap Order Form gives you a URL that includes "". When the order form loads in a browser, this extension changes to ""

Make sure to use the final version, after the page has fully loaded, to add to your campaign in Deadline Funnel.

5. When you view your order form you will see your floating bar countdown:

That's it!

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