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How to use Deadline Funnel with Teachable Email
How to use Deadline Funnel with Teachable Email
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At the time of this edit, Deadline Funnel does not have an API integration with Teachable so you cannot use 'deadlinetext' in your emails, but you can:

  • Use an animated email countdown timer

  • Use an email link in your Teachable emails to link to your sales page and ensure that your subscribers are tracked accurately

How to add an Animated Email Countdown to Teachable Email:

1. Navigate to Emails in the Teachable dashboard:

2. In the email composer 1) choose your email recipients, 2) give your email a subject line and click the 'code' icon to edit your email:

3. In your Deadline Funnel admin navigate to Edit Campaign > Emails and click to copy your Email Timer Code:

4. Paste the email timer code into your email editor in location where you want your animated countdown to appear:

5. Click the source code icon again to preview your email, you will see your animated countdown:

The animated timer will then show up in your subscriber's email and look similar to this:

How to use an Email Link in your Teachable Email:

Copy and paste the Email Link URL into your emails to link to any pages that have Deadline Funnel active on them. If someone clicks the email link before their countdown expires, visitors will be redirected to your Before Deadline URL. If their deadline has already expired, visitors will be redirected to your After Deadline URL.

You can create additional Email Links by adding new pages to Campaigns > Edit Campaign > Pages. Each URL will have a separate Email Link.

1. Navigate to 'Emails' and select the email link that corresponds to your page URL:

2. Copy the corresponding Email Link and use it in your Teachable email.

That's it. :)

If you have any questions, please let us know at

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