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How to Use a Page Trigger
How to Use a Page Trigger
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This trigger is ideal for quick deadlines (like a 15-minute upsell) that do not include sending email reminders about the deadline. For example, after someone opts in, you could present a 15-minute special offer and use a page trigger for the 15-minute countdown.

Integrating Deadline Funnel with your Page:

1. Create your Evergreen Campaign and select 'Page Visit' for how leads will enter your funnel:

2. Once your campaign is complete, copy your tracking code:

3. Paste this code onto your page. If you have a section for adding custom tracking codes, that would be ideal, but the header of the page will also work. (Pro-tip: We may have a guide that's specific to your page builder. Search in the search box on this page to find out!)

4. View the page where your tracking code is located and copy the URL in the address bar.

5. Return to Deadline Funnel account and navigate to Campaigns > Edit Campaign > Pages.

Click 'Add new page' and add your page URL (and optionally your after-deadline URL), select the display option you want and click 'Save':

Testing the Page Trigger

To test, clear your tracking by visiting Campaigns > Edit Campaign > Testing and clicking 'Clear Tracking'. Now visit your page and then check under Analytics in Deadline Funnel to make sure your visit was tracked.

And you're all set! The quick deadline will now begin based on when lead land on this URL.

If you have any questions, please let us know at

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