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How to Increase Probability that Your Images Will Be Seen By Your Subscribers

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Sometimes Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo mail and other email providers will turn off images in an email and ask the subscriber if they want to see the images.

You can make changes to your DNS setup and "whitelist" your domain that sends the emails so that it's more likely your subscribers will see your countdown image as soon as the email is opened.

1: Setup DKIM and SPF

DKIM and SPF records can send a clear signal to Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo mail that the domain sending your emails is not sending spam and it's safe to show images.

The exact method to make these changes is going to be best provided by either

a) your email software company (Drip, ConvertKit, etc) or
b) your DNS provider for your domain

For example, if you manage your DNS through Google G Suite you can use this guide.

Another example we found quickly is the article provided by email software Drip:

Contact your email software provider for information on how best to do this.

2: Run a check of your domain on:

They will show you all the spam listings you could be on for simple, innocent reasons... and how to fix it.


The Deadline Funnel client that helped us research this information had this to say:

I have my www.[custom domain name here].com domain at google domains and the email with G Suite , so my thought was everything with google will make my emails more likable by them... my site is hosted at SquareSpace, with a direct connection to Google domains...

But I still had to go set up those 3 anti-spam/spoof tools manually to get images to show upright.

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