In your Deadline Funnel campaign, navigate to Emails and click the 'Edit Appearance' button under the Email Timer Code section:

This will take you to the editor, where you can adjust the look of your email timer. Please note that the live editor will not be an exact representation of your timer because it uses test data. To see exactly how your timer will appear look at your timer on your offer pages.

You can select a template:

Change the colors of your timer:

Choose the text style and whether or not to use the labels:

As well as change the language used for each label:

And finally, you can select the image that will be displayed in your emails when the deadline has expired:

You can choose one of our images, or upload your own, or choose to have the timer simply disappear when the deadline has expired.

Changing the Size of your Animated Email Countdown Timer

You can find the HTML code for your email countdown timer in Emails > Email Timer Code:

This code includes a width of 400

If you change the number in the code to a smaller number, it will make your email countdown timer smaller.

Click here for information about how to upload custom images for your email timer.

If you have any questions, please let us know at

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