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Adding a Custom URL to Your Account
Adding a Custom URL to Your Account

Use in your Deadline Funnel email links instead of the Deadline Funnel domains that are included by default.

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You can add a Custom URL to your Deadline Funnel account if you want to use a domain that you own (i.e. in your Deadline Funnel email links.

By default, Deadline Funnel provides links such as to use in your email links.

For example, your email link might look like this:

With Custom URLs, your email link can look like this:

Get started with three easy steps.

1. Add the Custom URL to Your Account

First, navigate to Your Account >> Advanced>>Custom URLs.

Type the name of your custom URL into the dropdown, and then select "Create option..." as shown in the screenshot below.

Confirm that the new custom URL is displayed as the selected option, and then press Save:

2. Update your DNS settings

In order for the custom URL to work (e.g.,, you will need to set up the CNAME record for your subdomain in your DNS settings, with the CNAME pointing to

Here are guides for setting up CNAME records on some of the most popular platforms:

If yours isn't listed above, please contact our team and we're happy to help.

3. Update your emails with the new Custom URL

After you save your new custom URL, you'll need to copy and paste the new email links into your emails to reflect the new URL.

You can find the email links for each of your campaigns on the Emails tab of your campaign:

If you have any questions, please let us know at

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