Note: You need to create a Deadline Funnel campaign before integrating with Kajabi.

There are different methods for integrating Deadline Funnel with your Kajabi pages:

Important: Kajabi has a unique behavior that creates 2 separate URLs for the same checkout page. To cover both cases, you should add both checkout urls in Edit Campaign > Pages, as shown in the guide below. One Kajabi URL will end with /checkout and the other URL will be missing the /checkout on the end.

Add a Floating Bar Countdown to a checkout page:

To start, navigate to the 'Tracking Code' section of your Deadline Funnel dashboard and copy your Tracking Code:

Navigate to the Settings tab in the left-hand menu of your Kajabi dashboard and click on 'Checkout Settings':

Paste your Deadline Funnel tracking code into the 'Header Tracking Code' box under Checkout Settings and save your changes:

Important note: You will only need to add the Deadline Funnel tracking code in this box one time. Once it's added, it will be applied to all of your checkout pages in Kajabi. However, this won't mean the deadline is active on all pages. Only pages that are added to the Edit Campaign > Pages section of your Deadline Funnel campaign will be connected to that deadline.

Now open up your checkout page in a new tab and copy the URL in the address bar.

Return to Deadline Funnel > Edit Campaign > Pages and click 'Add New Page'. Paste the URL of your page into the first box, add a redirect URL for after the deadline expires, and hit 'Save':

Important Note: Sometimes the URL Kajabi gives you inside of the admin will be different from the final URL of the page. To avoid any issues with this, make sure you copy the URL from the address bar when you are actually viewing the published checkout page and use that in your Page.

When you visit the checkout page you will see a floating bar countdown timer. Here's an example of what the Floating Bar will look like:

Add an Inline Countdown Timer to a Checkout Page:

After following all the steps below, click 'Edit Settings' on your Page and select 'Display Inline Timer' instead. You'll see a code snippet in this box, you'll need to copy this so you can add it to your checkout page:

Back in Kajabi, in your Offer's settings, click 'Edit Checkout':

Click on 'Offer Details' and scroll down to the 'checkout copy' section:

Click the 'source code' icon to reveal the code for your checkout copy:

Paste your Deadline Funnel inline countdown snippet into the checkout code where you want your countdown to appear, click 'OK', then save your changes:

When you view your checkout page, you will see your inline countdown timer:

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