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How to Test a Fixed Date campaign
How to Test a Fixed Date campaign
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Hey there! Ready to test your Deadline Funnel campaign?

In this guide, we'll cover the two easy steps you can take to test your Fixed Date deadline.

We're here to help! If at any time during this testing process you're unsure of something, or you notice that something in your funnel is just not working quite right, please reach out! You can contact us on live chat (bottom right corner of the screen) Monday - Friday, 6am-6pm Eastern. Or shoot us an email any time at πŸ™‚

1. Check your page

Go to the page you have integrated with Deadline Funnel and verify:

  • You can see the timer on the page

  • The timer is indicating the correct amount of time for your deadline

2. What happens after the deadline expires?

In the Deadline Funnel dashboard, go to Campaigns > Edit Campaign > Settings and change the date of your deadline to yesterday. That way you can test what happens after the deadline expires:

Now try to visit your page again and you should be redirected to your expired page. If that does not happen, please contact our support team and we will help in any way we can!

Important: Please sure to change your deadline back to the correct date under Settings if you changed the deadline during the testing steps above.

What's next?

If everything is working as expected, you're ready to go live!

If you have any questions, please let us know at or in our live chat at the bottom right of your screen

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