There are two different options for using Wicked Reports with Deadline Funnel.

Option 1 - Wicked Reports Link Builder using UTM parameters

The first option is to add the Wicked Reports UTM parameters to the end of your Deadline Funnel email link.

Here's an example of how to generate that in Wicked Reports:

So if your Deadline Funnel email link is:

You can then add this link to your emails:

Deadline Funnel completely supports UTM parameters and that will work as outlined here:
How to use UTM parameters with Deadline Funnel

Option 2 - Wicked Reports Redirect Links

The second option is to create two Wicked Reports email links - one for your special offer page and one for the offer expired page.

So if your special offer page is:

And your expired page is:

Then you could generate a Wicked Reports email link for both of those pages:

In this example, we generated the following two Wicked Reports redirect links:

And the next step is to add the following pages to your Deadline Funnel campaign:

The first page in the screenshot above will generate a Deadline Funnel email link to use in your emails that will redirect to your Wicked Reports redirect link and then redirect to your final page.

The second page in the screenshot above will display the Deadline Funnel floating bar on your special offer page.

That being said, this second option is much more complicated and we strongly recommend using the first option described above - appending the UTM parameters to your Deadline Funnel email link, and using the Deadline Funnel email link in your emails.

Additionally, I just uncovered a validation error in Deadline Funnel that currently prevents you from adding the Wicked Reports links as pages in your campaign. I'm creating a ticket for our team to address and we should have that resolved by early next week.

So in the meantime, please try the first option :) As soon as I follow up with you in a few days the second option will also be available in case you're interested in that.

Thank you for your patience as we looked into this! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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