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How to Set the Deadline to Each Subscriber's Timezone
How to Set the Deadline to Each Subscriber's Timezone

Tips and suggestions for using your prospect's timezone for the deadline and when to use it

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I've created this short video to discuss the ins and outs of using your subscriber's timezone for the deadline.

In the majority of circumstances we recommend that you not use the subscriber's timezone and instead choose a timezone that is popular or expected by your audience.

  • This replicates how a truly live launch or holiday promotion would be run (you wouldn't make the deadline "midnight wherever you are" but rather in a specific time zone)

  • Most Deadline Funnel clients use a specific timezone for their evergreen campaigns

  • It's less complex and quicker to create a campaign that ends at a specific time in a predetermined timezone

But if you really want to use your subscriber's timezone then watch the video above and keep the following in mind:

  • Your ability to execute this method will depend on your email software's ability to correctly determine the timezone of each subscriber

  • Your email software will also need to have detailed waiting steps you can schedule in the automation (because you'll want to trigger the webhook at a specific time relative to their timezone)

  • Your email software will usually store the subscriber's timezone when their record was first created, but that could easily be different from their current timezone (due to travel or simply moving to a different part of the world)

Deadline Funnel Settings

You will setup an evergreen Deadline Funnel campaign set to a specific number of hours.

Email Software Setup

Your email software must support detecting your subscriber's timezone and waiting/pausing until a specific time in their timezone.

In the screenshot below, you'll see that the key steps in this automation are:

  1. Wait until 12am in the subscriber's timezone

  2. Send a webhook at 12am in their timezone (to start the tracking in Deadline Funnel)

  3. Wait until a specific time for the subscriber's timezone (6am in this example)

  4. Send the first email

  5. Wait a day

  6. Send the next email


In summary, this is an advanced tactic. You need to be using email software with the features to support this method and the ability to put together a more complex automation.

There's no guarantee that the extra effort will yield higher sales, but we understand that some clients want to know how this could be done and so we hope this article helps you decide if it's right for you.

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