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How to use client accounts with a Scale plan
How to use client accounts with a Scale plan
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The Scale Plan is ideal for agencies who are working with multiple clients, managing their campaigns for them.

It offers 5 sub-accounts for clients, each with their own login that is completely separate from the main login. That way your clients can log in and review the funnels you've created for them.

How to create client accounts

1. Once logged into your Deadline Funnel account, navigate to Your Account > Advanced > Sub-Accounts. To create your first client account, click 'New Client Account':

2. Enter the name of your client, their email, and a password that they can use to login and hit 'Save':

3. You'll see the new client account listed:

And that's it! You can send the login details for this account to your client, and they can use them to login to Deadline Funnel.

To add additional client accounts, simply click 'New Client Account' and follow the same steps.

Logging into your client accounts

1. To login to a client account from your main account, simply click 'Login as client' next to their name:

2. Once you're logged into your client account, you'll see a message on the page that says 'You are logged in as 'client name':

Now you can create campaigns, and make changes to that client's campaigns.

3. And you can click to log back into your main account in that same section.

And that's it! :)

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in chat or shoot us an email at

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