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How to Set the Tracking Lifetime in Your Deadline Funnel Campaign
How to Set the Tracking Lifetime in Your Deadline Funnel Campaign
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If you want to send your leads back through your Deadline Funnel after a specific period of time, navigate to Edit Campaign >> Settings >> Advanced and add the length of your 'tracking lifetime in days':

In this example we used 30 days, so 30 days after the deadline is triggered, a lead could re-enter this Deadline Funnel campaign.

If you set Tracking Lifetime to '0', leads will not be able to reenter your campaign.

Please note that the Tracking Lifetime setting does not automatically restart the deadline. It allows a subscriber to start a new deadline after that period of time.

Setting Tracking Lifetime for an existing campaign

When you set the tracking lifetime for an existing campaign, the change will take effect immediately and apply to all existing tracked subscribers.

Any tracking records in the Analytics section that are older than the tracking lifetime value will remain in Analytics but will be updated when the subscriber triggers a new deadline.

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