Whether you're testing a new campaign and want to delete all tracking records before going live, or about to start a new test and want to quickly clear all tracking records before you start, there's a quick and easy way to delete all tracking in your campaign.

Reset Tracking for your Entire Campaign:

You can delete all the tracking for your funnel by visiting Analytics:

Then click 'Delete All Events' > 'Delete All Events' for the 'People Tracked' section:

Then select 'Sales Tracking' and make sure Delete All Events:

Lastly, select 'Other' and Delete All Events:

Reset Tracking for Date Range:

If you don't want to clear all the tracking, but just clear the tracking that started within a specific window of time, here's how to delete tracking records within a date range.

In the Analytics section, select the date range you wish to remove Event Tracking records for:

Click the drop-down menu on the "Delete All Events" button, select "Delete from selected dates":

That's it! All tracking events from your selected dates will be cleared.

If you have any questions, send us a message in chat or email us at help@deadlinefunnel.com.

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