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Deadline Funnel Default Behavior
Deadline Funnel Default Behavior
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The default behavior in Deadline Funnel is to always show a deadline on the page.

If the visitor has already been tracked by Deadline Funnel, then we'll show their existing deadline.

If they haven't been tracked yet, Deadline Funnel will start tracking them via their IP address / cookie, and display a new deadline for that user.

This means that if the visitor's deadline has not already been triggered, then visiting the page will trigger the deadline for the visitor.
The reason for this is so that it's not possible to easily get around the deadline by visiting the page directly when you're not tracked.
We also have a Pre-Launch feature that can be used to redirect people away from your page (instead of showing them a new deadline) if they aren't currently tracked

Here's our guide with more details on that:

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