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How to Set Up Sales Tracking with Deadline Funnel & ActiveCampaign
How to Set Up Sales Tracking with Deadline Funnel & ActiveCampaign
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In this doc, we'll show you how to set up Sales Tracking with ActiveCampaign. There are a few additional steps to complete after that -

Before we get started, let's look at how our Sales Tracking works in Deadline Funnel.

The Deadline Funnel Sales Tracking feature works through a webhook. This is similar to the webhook you would use to trigger a deadline, but instead of creating a tracking record for your subscriber under the 'Tracking Started' section of your Analytics and assigning a deadline to it, it will create a tracking record under the 'Sales Tracked' section. This Sales Tracking record will have the email of the subscriber, the date of the purchase, and the amount and currency that you specify when you first create the webhook.

It's important to note that the Sales Tracking webhook will add a Sales Tracking record to your Deadline Funnel campaign any time a subscriber passes through that webhook in an ActiveCampaign automation. So it's very important that you create an ActiveCampaign automation that only runs based on an actual purchase, and you place the Sales Tracking webhook at the top of that automation.

For example, a common Sales Tracking automation in ActiveCampaign would look something like this:

A 'Purchased' tag being added to a subscriber is what triggers the automation, then that subscriber passes through the Sales Tracking webhook, and the webhook sends the appropriate information back to Deadline Funnel, where a Sales Tracking record is created.

Video Tutorial:

How to set up Sales Tracking with ActiveCampaign

Ideally, you will already have your email platform connected to Deadline Funnel under the Integrations tab. But if you haven't connected them yet, you can review this guide, where you'll find instructions on how to connect your accounts.

Once that step is complete, you can continue with the rest of this guide.

Head to 'Integrations' in the top blue bar and select the campaign:

Now select 'New Integration', then choose 'Create Sales Tracking' in the popup and click next:

Make sure ActiveCampaign is selected and click next:

Now select your ActiveCampaign account and click next:

Choose your currency and the value for each sale, then copy the webhook:

Now just add the webhook to your automation inside of ActiveCampaign so that it is triggered when a sales event takes place.

And that's it!

You can view your results in the 'Sales Tracked' section of Analytics:

Tracking Sales at Different Price Points

Let's say you have an offer that people can either purchase for $197 or $297, and you want to track when people purchase at either of those price points inside of Deadline Funnel.

Firstly, in order to do this you will need to have a way to differentiate the two price points between your checkout software and ActiveCampaign, and you'll want to tag them according to which price they paid. Then you can use those tags to create two separate automations that run based on one tag or the other being added.

Once you have two separate automations in place, you'll create your Sales Tracking webhook and set the amount to $197, then add it to the automation for the $197 purchase.

Deadline Funnel does not have the ability to store two separate webhooks inside of one campaign, so in order to get the webhook for the $297 offer, you'll just adjust the amount of the existing webhook to $297. This will not break the first webhook you created for $197 offer. But it does mean that if you go back to look at your webhook settings later, you will only see the webhook with the second price point added. Make sure to paste the new webhook into your automation for the $297 purchase.

And that's it! Now if someone purchases at the $197 price they will show up as a $197 sale in Deadline Funnel, and if they purchase at $297, they will show up as a $297 sale.

If you have any questions, please let us know at or in our live chat at the bottom right of your screen

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