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When does each subscriber's deadline start?
When does each subscriber's deadline start?
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When you're using a deadline as part of an email funnel, we recommend using our direct/API integration with your email platform to trigger the deadline for each subscriber.

The direct integration allows us to start tracking someone's email address at a specific point in your funnel (this will depend on the email platform you're using), which makes it possible to use the Deadline Funnel email timers in your emails as well as use the Deadline Funnel email links we provide to send people to your special offer page. The subscriber will then see the same deadline in their email and on your page.

This method also allows you to time your email sequence according to your deadline length.

If you have not yet integrated your Deadline Funnel campaign with your email platform, we recommend that you do that. Here's our list of available integrations and the support doc that will show you how to integrate:

If you do not set up the integration, then the deadline will only start when someone actually clicks the link to view your page for the first time.

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