Important Note:

Interacting with the Portal preview will not change the appearance of Portal on your website.

For example, if you've enabled Social Proof and set the default view to Opt-in Form and Social Proof, minimizing the preview of Portal to the Icon view will not make Portal appear in the Icon view when your page is loaded.


How to change the default views for Portal on desktop and mobile

You can change the default views and the minimize options for Portal by going to Portal Editor > Views

Here you can change what happens to Portal when the page is loaded and also what minimize options you want to allow visitors:

Select Mobile to set the load and minimize options when Portal is viewed on mobile:

When the page is loaded

✨ Icon View:

The Icon view will show only the Launch Icon when the page is loaded.

A visitor can then click the Launch Icon to expand Portal.

✨ Icon + Message View:

The Icon + Message view will show the Launch Icon with a message when the page is loaded.
This message can be customized in the Icon + Message Text field.

This view is only available for the Opt-in Form content block. When a visitor clicks on the Icon + Message view, Portal will expand to show the Opt-in Form. It is not possible to have the Icon + Message view expand to show a different content block.

After a visitor has clicked on the Icon + Message view and Portal has expanded, if they minimize Portal the Icon + Message view will not appear again. Portal will appear in the Icon view instead. If the page is refreshed, the Icon + Message view will display its original behavior.

If the Opt-in Form is not enabled, the Icon + Message view will not be available.

✨ Featured View:

The Featured view will show Portal with the Opt-in Form and/or Social Proof showing when the page is loaded.

If both Opt-in Form and Social Proof are disabled, Portal will show only the Launch Icon when the page is loaded.

Important note:

Social Proof will only display in Portal if you've added events

in the Social Proof > Manage Events section.

✨ Expanded View:

The Expanded view will show Portal with all the enabled apps when the page is loaded.

What you'll allow visitors to do:

Visitors have two ways of minimizing Portal and this section allows you to control what happens when either of these minimize options are used:

✨ Close Portal completely

This option will allow visitors to close Portal, making it disappear completely from your page. Once the page is refreshed, Portal will appear again with its original view.

✨ Minimize to Icon view

This is the most popular option and will be the default when creating a Portal.

Visitors will be allowed to minimize Portal to show only the Launch Icon.

✨ Minimize to the Featured view

This option will ensure that Social Proof and the Opt-in form apps are always visible on Portal and will only minimize any additional apps that are enabled in Portal:

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