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Which ConvertHub Apps does you plan include
Which ConvertHub Apps does you plan include
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ConvertHub use Apps to display the various elements on a Portal.

The Deadline Funnel Start plan includes up to three Deadline Funnel campaigns and also includes access to the ConvertHub Free plan.

The first three of the Premium apps are available with a free ConvertHub account and include:

Social Proof - Increase conversions by displaying recent activity, like a new subscriber or purchase.

Optin-Form - Convert website visitors to subscribers and integrate with your email platform.

Call To Action - Direct users to another page with a button, description, and image.

The Deadline Funnel Create plan ($99/mo) includes unlimited Deadline Funnel campaigns, the ability to add Portal to your campaign pages, and also includes unlimited access to ConvertHub Pro (normally $99/yr).

This unlimited access to ConvertHub Pro includes unlimited Portals on any page of your website, as well as all of the Portal apps.

The Premium Apps include:

Microsurvey - Understand your audience by asking them questions via a quick survey.

Reviews - Build trust with customer reviews and testimonials.

Video - Embed a YouTube or Wistia video in Portal.

Intro - Add a headline and intro text to the top of Portal.

Button - Link to any page or section of your website.

Featured Snippet - Highlight important information like a discount or deadline.

Product Details - Outline the key details about your product or offer.

Links - Display a list of related links and resources.

If you have any questions, please let us know at or in our live chat at the bottom right of your screen

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