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Apple Privacy Protection
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Apple's new Mail Privacy Protection caches external content when a user has this feature enabled and is using the Apple Mail app

To prevent this from happening with the Deadline Funnel email timer if you are adding the Email Timer to multiple emails in your campaign, it is essential that you copy a fresh code for each email that you’re adding it to.

Each time you copy the code, Deadline Funnel generates a new, slightly different code. So, for example, if you are using the timer in two different emails, you would click to copy the code and add it to the first email, then come back to Deadline Funnel, click to copy the code a second time, and paste that new code into your second email.

Here are some resources with more details about how Apple Mail Privacy Protection works:

A note about email timers on mobile

Due to Apple's updates to its Mail Privacy Protection, email timers are cached based on a subscriber's first time opening and viewing an email. This means that if someone opens the email to see a countdown with 3 days, then re-opens that same email the next day, instead of seeing an updated timer with 2 days left, it will continue to show the cached version of the timer with 3 days on it.

This will not affect the length of your subscriber's actual deadline at all. The deadline will appear correctly on your page(s), and if you are sending out new emails each day with the timer in them, your subscribers will see their updated countdown in each new email. This only applies if someone re-opens an email they viewed previously. This also does not apply to email timers viewed on desktops, only on a mobile device.


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