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How to add Deadline Funnel Email Links to your Mailchimp Emails
How to add Deadline Funnel Email Links to your Mailchimp Emails
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Open your campaign in Deadline Funnel and head to the Emails section in the left menu.

Deadline Funnel will create a unique email link for each page that you add to your campaign. Make sure to select the correct email link for the page you want to link to, then copy that email link so you can use it in your Mailchimp email:

In your Mailchimp email, if you're using a CTA button, click the pencil icon to open the editor and add the Deadline Funnel email link to the 'Web address (URL)' box in the settings on the right, then click 'Save & Close':

If you want to hyperlink text, highlight the text that you want to link to your sales page and then click the link button:

Now paste your Deadline Funnel email link into the link box and then click 'Insert':

Your email link will now track your subscribers who click that link and take them to your campaign page if their deadline is still active. If their deadline has expired, they will go directly to the after-deadline page.

If you have any questions, contact us via chat (bottom right corner of your screen) or email at We're always happy to help! πŸ™‚

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