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How to Test an Evergreen/Hybrid Campaign (direct integration)
How to Test an Evergreen/Hybrid Campaign (direct integration)
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Hey there! Ready to test your Deadline Funnel campaign?

In this guide, we'll walk through how to test your evergreen Deadline Funnel campaign if you're using the direct integration with your email platform.

If you're not using a direct integration, please click here for links to all our other testing guides.

1. Clear your Deadline Funnel tracking

You always want to start by clearing your tracking. Even if you don't think you need to, it's best to get into the habit of clicking this button prior to each test.

Go to Campaigns > Edit Campaign > Testing > Clear Tracking:

This will clear your personal tracking only; it does not affect anyone else in the campaign.

2. Add a new subscriber to your email funnel

Add a new email address to your email funnel so that the Deadline Funnel tracking is started for that subscriber when they go through the Deadline Funnel webhook/HTTP Post in your email platform.

Pro tip:

If you've already used your own email to test, you can append a random number to your email to use in a new test. This 'new' email will be able to start a new deadline in your campaign while still receiving your email sequence to your normal email.

Here's an example where is changed to

Note: If that doesn't make sense to you, please visit our list of direct integrations and click on your email service provider. There you will see more information about how to trigger deadlines using a webhook/HTTP Post in your email platform.

Within a few minutes, that new subscriber should show up on the Analytics page for your Deadline Funnel campaign:

3. Double check your deadline start date and end date

On that same page in Analytics, you'll see when the tracking started for that new subscriber and when their deadline is:

The Analytics page will show this information for each person going through your Deadline Funnel campaign. And this is a great place to double-check that they're being assigned the correct deadline.

4. Testing the email links and timer

Since you've added yourself as a new subscriber to your email funnel, you should be receiving an email that contains a Deadline Funnel link to your sales page.

Click on that link in your email and verify that it takes you to the correct page and that the timer on the page matches the timer in the email.

Important Note: It's very important that you do not click any email links in your subscriber's emails. This will cause their tracking to sync up with your IP/cookie and can cause skewed results for your own test, as well as what your subscriber may see on their end. If you have a subscriber report inconsistencies in their deadline, please reach out to us in chat or at so we can help diagnose the issue. :)

5. What happens after the deadline expires?

Last but not least, go to Campaigns > Edit Campaign > Testing, and change the start date of your Deadline Funnel tracking so that your own tracking is set to an expiration date that's in the past.

Here's how to do that:

Now, refresh your email and you'll see the expired image in your email, and when you click the Deadline Funnel link in the email you will be redirected to your expired page. That's what will happen as people are going through the funnel and their personal deadline expires!

What's next?

If everything is working as expected, you're ready to go live!

We recommend clearing your tracking again at this point (so you can access your pages again!), which you can do under Campaigns > Edit Campaign > Testing > Clear Tracking.

It's also helpful to enable Preview Mode, which will allow you to add your IP to a whitelist so you don't get redirected away from your own page in the future.

Tips and Troubleshooting

In the video below our goal is to give you troubleshooting ideas to help you answer questions like:

  • Is my email platform connected with Deadline Funnel?

  • Is the timing correct?

  • What do the results in the Analytics section mean?

If you have any questions, please let us know at or in our live chat at the bottom right of your screen

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