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How to Have Deadline Funnel End on a Specific Day of the Week
How to Have Deadline Funnel End on a Specific Day of the Week
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If you are trying to set up an evergreen campaign that starts and ends on a specific day of the week, for instance, if you always want your deadline to end on a Thursday, then you have a couple of options.

Option #1:

Our recommended method is to use the automation logic of your email software system to control when subscribers enter a sequence - and therefore when their deadline will be (at the end of that sequence).

The idea is to use the logic inside your email software system to control when leads go into an automated sequence. For example, if the sequence normally starts on a Monday and ends on a Thursday, you would use your email software system to control when they start in a sequence.

Then, the integration with Deadline Funnel will start their Deadline Funnel campaign at the same time. So this method uses your email software system as the 'logic center' for controlling when subscribers start in a campaign and therefore when they end.

Deadline Funnel software integrates very closely with many email service providers like Keap, ActiveCampaign, Drip, ConvertKit, OntraPort, and others. This kind of connection is called an "API" connection. If you're using one of these or you are using Zapier, using the logic inside your email service will work for you.

The exact method for how to put subscribers into a sequence at a specific time depends on which email software you're using but the general idea is to use a rule that would basically read as: "When the subscriber is at the end of Sequence A and the day of the week is Monday, then move the subscriber to Sequence B"

If you have questions about this after you have tried to find the answer in your email software's support system, please contact us and we'll help you.

Option #2:

The second option is to use the hybrid deadline type.

Which one should you choose:

Since there are two options, you can pick whichever one you like, but we recommend that you select Option 1 whenever possible. Allowing your email service provider to manage the logic and integrating via API with Deadline Funnel gives you a lot more control over who's going into the sequence, exactly when that sequence starts, and when the sequence ends.

If you need additional assistance, you can always reach us at or via live chat.

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