You can easily add a countdown timer to any HubSpot landing page using Deadline Funnel.

1. In the 'Add modules' section, add a Custom HTML module to your HubSpot landing page by dragging and dropping it onto the page editor:

2. In the Deadline Funnel admin, navigate to 'Tracking Code' and hit 'Copy':

3. Click the 'Add Custom HTML' element to edit it and paste your Deadline Funnel code into the Custom HTML box and click 'Save':

4. Publish your updates now so your changes will take effect on your landing page:

5. Back in Deadline Funnel, navigate to Edit Campaign > Pages and add your HubSpot landing page URL, select the action you want for the page, add your redirect URL and click 'Save Page':

You're all done! Your countdown timer has now been integrated with your Hubspot Landing Page. If you refresh your page, you should see it appear at the bottom. Here's a quick example of what it will look like:

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