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Please watch this training on the fundamentals of integrating automated webinars into your marketing funnel first.

As you saw in the video, the Everwebinar integration with Deadline Funnel has more flexibility if you are using it with one of our API integrations. But there are 2 options for integrating Deadline Funnel with EverWebinar using a page Trigger.

Option 1 - Registration Thank You Page:

1. Copy the Deadline Funnel tracking pixel by navigating to Campaigns > Edit Campaign > Settings and scrolling down until you see "Tracking pixel".

2. Add this tracking pixel to your EverWebinar thank you page under Integrations >> Integrate a 3rd party tracking system

Now when someone registers for your webinar, they'll land on the thank you page and the pixel will trigger their tracking, add a cookie and track their IP address. That should cover 99% of your registrants.

Be sure to go through your registration process and verify that your tracking has started; you will see your IP address in your tracking details. You will NOT see your email address in the tracking details.

Option 2 - Webinar Page

1. You will set up your evergreen campaign so that the deadline is triggered ONLY for those people who attend the webinar. (You can reach out to those who didn't attend and encourage them to re-register, as explained in the video.)

2. You'll trigger the deadline on the webinar page using a Deadline Funnel "pixel". Copy your Deadline Funnel tracking pixel and add it to your webpage page in EverWebinar under Integrations >> Integrate a 3rd party tracking system

3. Then add your Deadline Funnel tracking code to your sales page and add that URL to Campaigns > Edit Campaign > Pages, as well. We have instructions here for integrating with sales pages from the most popular ecommerce systems and landing pages:

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