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How to Integrate Deadline Funnel with a SamCart Upsell
How to Integrate Deadline Funnel with a SamCart Upsell
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These instructions are specifically for adding Deadline Funnel to a SamCart Upsell.

You can find more general instructions for integrating Deadline Funnel with SamCart here.

Deadline Funnel default behavior

The default behavior in Deadline Funnel is to always show a deadline on the page.

  • If the visitor has already been tracked by Deadline Funnel, then we'll show their existing deadline.

  • If they haven't been tracked yet, Deadline Funnel will start tracking them via their IP address/cookie, and display a new deadline for that user.

Add the Deadline Funnel Tracking Code to the Upsell Page in SamCart

1. In Deadline Funnel, navigate to 'Tracking code' in the navigation and click to copy your Tracking Code:

2. Navigate to your SamCart account and click to edit your Upsell:

3. Scroll down to the 'Upsell HTML' box and click 'Source' to activate the source code editor:

4. Paste your Deadline Funnel Tracking Code into the box and click 'Save changes':

Add the Upsell Page URL in Deadline Funnel

1. In SamCart, add your upsell to a product, place the product in sandbox mode, and 'purchase' the product. This will take you to the upsell:

There are two different IDs in the URL, the first one (lkhPMHvFZkcZaCuxREQUBXdh) represents the specific upsell funnel.

2. Return to Deadline Funnel and add the Upsell URL (intentionally leaving off the ?cart=… part at the end) to Campaigns > Edit Campaign > Pages:

3. With your product still in sandbox mode in SamCart, 'purchase' the product again to see the countdown timer on your upsell page.

That's it! You've now integrated your Deadline Funnel countdown into your SamCart upsell page.

If you have any questions, please let us know at

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