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How to Integrate Deadline Funnel and MemberVault
How to Integrate Deadline Funnel and MemberVault
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Getting Started

In this guide, we'll show you how to integrate Deadline Funnel and MemberVault.

You're going to learn:

  • How to add a Floating Bar to your MemberVault page

  • How to add an Inline Timer to your MemberVault page

Create your Deadline Funnel campaign

First… a quick tip: You will need to create your first campaign before you can set up the integration with MemberVault.

Once you've created your Deadline Funnel campaign, you can follow the steps below to integrate with MemberVault.

We're here to help! Contact us on live chat (bottom right corner of the screen) Monday - Friday, 6am-6pm Eastern. Or you can shoot us an email any time at 🙂

How to add a Floating Bar to MemberVault

1. In the MemberVault account, go to Products >> Click the gear icon next to your product >> Copy the URL for the published page. This should be the page you want to display a countdown timer on:

2. Navigate to Pages to add a new page, then add your MemberVault URL, select 'Display a floating bar', add a redirect URL, and then click 'Save':

3. Navigate to Tracking Code and copy your Deadline Funnel tracking code:

4. Then paste the Deadline Funnel tracking code into the 'Custom JavaScript' box under Settings >> General >> Advanced Settings in your MemberVault account and click 'Save Advanced Settings':

You can now view your MemberVault page to see your Floating Bar countdown timer.

How to add an Inline Countdown Timer to your MemberVault page:

Complete the steps in the section above, and then:

1. Navigate to Pages to add a new page then add your MemberVault URL, select 'Display an inline timer', add your redirect URL, copy the HTML Code you need to display your timer inline, and click 'Save':

2. Navigate to the MemberVault Products >> Edit Product and locate the box you want to insert an inline timer in. Click the HTML icon to open up a little box where you can add your HTML:

3. Paste the Inline code from Deadline Funnel here and hit 'Ok'. Then Click 'Save' to update your MemberVault page:

4. Preview your page and you will see your countdown:

You can add multiple HTML widgets to your MemberVault to add additional instances of your countdown to the same page.

You're all done!

Please let us know if you have any other questions at

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