Sometimes your launch is not limited by a date, but limited by the number of purchasers that you want to take on during a given period of time. For example, you might have a course that opens a few times per year, but for each launch you want to limit it to 100 buyers.

Quantity campaigns are perfect for that type of launch, because you can set the available quantity when you create the campaign, and then Deadline Funnel will automatically decrease the quantity remaining whenever someone purchases your product.

In this guide we will show you how to:

  1. Create a Quantity Campaign

  2. Access your Quick Start Guide

  3. Set up Sales Tracking

  4. Add the Floating Bar to your page(s) and Customize It

Create a Quantity Campaign

When you log into your Deadline Funnel account, it should take you to the main ‘My Campaigns’ page. From here, you can click on the ‘New Campaign’ button to create your campaign:

On the first page, give your campaign a name, select a category (or create a new one by simply typing in the box), select the Email Provide you’re using, and up to two Landing Page Builders, then hit ‘Next’:

Select ‘Special Offer For First 100 Buyers’ as your Blueprint on the next screen and hit ‘Next’:

On the next screen you’ll enter the quantity of purchases you want to make available with this offer, as well as the date range you want the offer to be available.

In this example, I’ve selected 100 as the Starting Quantity and the dates September 1st-6th. This means that the offer will be available until 100 people have purchased or until 11:59pm on September 6th, whichever comes first:

On the final screen, you’ll enter any pages that you want connected to the Quantity campaign. This will include your special offer page, and a page for after the deadline expires (ie. ‘Sorry you missed it’, a regular price page, etc.):

If you have additional pages you want connected to the campaign, you can add them by clicking ‘Add New Page’.

Once you’re done adding your Pages, click ‘Finish’ and you’ll be redirected to your campaign dashboard and your Quick Start Guide.

Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide is a handy tool we created for easy reference when you're setting up your campaign. Which tasks are included in your Quick Start Guide (QSG) depend on a few factors. Whether it’s a Fixed Date or Evergreen/Hybrid, what trigger you chose, etc.

Under each task there is always a "need help?" and a Setup button. The Help button will take you to our article on how to integrate with your specific platform(s), and the Setup button will take you to the section of the admin where the actual setup happens. You can find your Quick Start Guide at the top of the left hand menu under Edit Campaign.

Set Up Sales Tracking

Sales Tracking is essential to making your Quantity campaign work. Sales Tracking is what allows us to track each purchase, lower the number of purchases still available, and redirect people away when the limit has been reached.

You can check out our guide on how to set up the Sales Tracking here.

Add the Floating Bar to your page(s) and Customize It

Once you have the Sales Tracking in place, you’ll need to add the Floating Bar to any of your pages you want connected to the campaign.

Your Quick Start Guide will have a step titled ‘Update (Landing Page Builder)’, and you can click on the ‘Need help?’ in that section to access the relevant guide for how to add the Floating Bar to your page(s).

In order to customize the look and feel of the Floating Bar, simply click on the Appearance tab in the left-hand menu:

You can customize the size, color, font, and text that appears on the bar here:

Note: Adding {quantity} to the text of your bar acts as a placeholder for the actual amount of purchases remaining, so if five people purchase, it will drop to 95 automatically.

You can also add a CTA button that will take them directly to your checkout page:

And that’s it! You’re all set!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen!

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