In order to use Deadline Funnel's sales tracking feature, you must use one of our API Integrations or use Zapier.

We offer sales tracking using direct API Integrations with the following platforms:

I am using one of these email platforms:

You first need to complete the API Integration for your chosen email platform inside of "Deadline Funnel >> API Integrations". Click on one of the API Integrations above to get started.

Once this step is complete, set up the sales tracking using Section A of this documentation.

I am not using one of these email platforms:

You will need to follow the instructions in Section B ****of this documentation to set up sales tracking using Zapier.

Section A: How to set up sales tracking using an API Integration:

Video Example:

Note: This video shows how to set up sales tracking in Infusionsoft, but we support sales tracking for almost every email platform. Send us a message in chat if you have any Q’s and we’re happy to help you get started with sales tracking on your platform.

1. Visit Analytics and click 'Start Setup' under Sales Tracking:

2. Choose your currency and the value for each sale, then copy the webhook:

3. Add the webhook to your email service provider automation so that it is triggered when a sales event happens:

4. After someone enters your funnel and completes a purchase, the purchase will be tracked using your tracking code.

5. You can view your results in the 'Sales Tracking' section of Analytics

Section B: How to set up sales tracking using Zapier:

1. In Zapier, create a new Zap and select the application that will send your purchase information to Deadline Funnel:

2. Select 'New Purchase' as the app Trigger:

3. Choose Deadline Funnel as the Action App:

4. Select 'Track Purchase' for the Deadline Funnel Action:

5. Complete the details for your Deadline Funnel purchase tracking, 1) select the correct Deadline Funnel campaign, 2) Select the field to capture the email, 3) set the currency for your sales, and 4) set the value of each sale:

6. Send a test purchase to Deadline Funnel to confirm that your sales tracking is working correctly:

7. You can view your results in the 'Sales Tracking' section of Analytics

If you have any questions, please let us know at

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