We have comprehensive guides for using the email timer code in numerous email platforms. Please check out this article for a list of those email platforms.

In this guide we will cover the basics of using the animated email timer in your email platform, if it is not listed in the above article.

Important Note: In order for the email timer to work in your emails, Deadline Funnel needs to be tracking your subscribers' email addresses first. This is done through either an API Integration with your email platform, or through our Zapier Integration. Without establishing this first, the email timers are not going to work in your emails.

Adding the Email Timer to your emails

Inside of your Deadline Funnel account, navigate to Edit Campaign > Emails and you should see two codes listed under the 'Email Timer Code' section:

1. The HTML Code is best used when your email platform allows you to add custom HTML code to your emails. To add the timer using the HTML Code, simply click on the box marked 'HTML Code' to copy it to your clipboard and then navigate back to your email editor. Some email platforms use HTML Blocks, and some just allow you to edit the source code of the email. Either way, just paste the HTML Code into the code of your email where you want the timer to appear, and it should show up in the editor immediately!

2. The Image URL is only recommended when editing the code of your emails is not an option. To use this, simply click the Image URL box to copy it to your clipboard, and then navigate to your email editor. Typically there will be a place to add an Image to your emails, so select that option and then input the Image URL where it asks for a URL. The email timer should show up in the editor as soon as it's been added!

And that's it!

You can also check out the following resources for more information about the email timers:

How to Customize the Animated Email Countdown Timer

If you have any questions about the process, or you're unsure which code to use for your particular platform, please reach out to us in chat in the bottom right-hand corner of the Deadline Funnel admin. :)

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