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How to add a countdown timer to a MailerLite Landing Page
How to add a countdown timer to a MailerLite Landing Page
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In this doc, we'll show you How to Add a Countdown Timer to a MailerLite Landing Page. There are a few additional steps to complete as well -

How to Add a Floating Bar Countdown Timer to your MailerLite Landing Page:

1. Navigate to 'Tracking Code' in your Deadline Funnel dashboard to copy the Deadline Funnel tracking code for your countdown:

2. In MailerLite navigate to your page and click 'Overview':

3. Go to 'Analytics and custom code' and paste the Deadline Funnel Tracking Code into the 'Head Code Injection' box and hit 'Save':

4. Return to Deadline Funnel and navigate to Edit Campaign > Pages, then 1) add the published URL, 2) select 'Display Floating Bar', 3) add a redirect URL, and 4) click 'Save':

5. When you refresh your published page, you will now see your floating bar timer:

Using an Inline Countdown on your MailerLite landing page:

If you are using the Inline Countdown type, you must complete the steps above, as well as these additional steps:

1. Navigate to Edit Campaign > Pages and add your landing page URL, select 'Display Inline timer', copy the HTML snippet needed to add your countdown timer to your page, then click 'Save':

2. Back in MailerLite, grab an HTML block and add it the section where you want the timer to appear:

3. Paste your Deadline Funnel HTML snippet into the HTML box and hit 'Save':

4. Click 'Save and Continue' at the top and open up your page to view the Inline timer:

And that's it! Your inline countdown will now appear on your page. :)

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in chat (bottom right-hand of your screen), or shoot us an email at

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