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How to Add a Countdown to a DropFunnels Page
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Note: You need to create a Deadline Funnel campaign before integrating with DropFunnels.

Video Tutorial:

Add a Floating Bar Countdown to a DropFunnels Sales Page:

To start, navigate to the 'Tracking Code' section of your Deadline Funnel dashboard and copy your Tracking Code:

Navigate to SEO>>Google Analytics>>Tracking of your DropFunnels dashboard and add the Tracking Code to the [HEAD} section:

Then hit 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page.

Important note: You will only need to add the Deadline Funnel tracking code in this box one time. Once it's added, it will be applied to all of your sales and landing pages in DropFunnels. However, this won't mean the deadline is active on all pages. Only pages that are added to the Pages of your Deadline Funnel campaign will be connected to that deadline.

Now open up your DropFunnels landing page in a new tab and copy the URL in the address bar:

Return to Deadline Funnel > Edit Campaign > Pages and click 'Add New Page'. Paste the URL of your page into the first box, add a redirect URL for after the deadline expires, and hit 'Save':

Now you can refresh your DropFunnels page, and you should see the Floating Bar. Here's an example of what it will look like:

Using an Inline Countdown on your DropFunnels Landing Page:

If you are using the Inline Countdown type, you must complete these additional steps:

After you add your landing page URL to the Pages and select 'Display Inline Timer', copy the HTML snippet needed to add your countdown timer to your page:

In the editor for your DropFunnels Page, drag the HTML module onto the page at the point where you want the inline timer to display:

Paste your Deadline Funnel HTML snippet into the HTML code box and then click Save. Now click Done and then Publish:

That's it! Your inline countdown will now appear on your DropFunnels page.

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