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How to use Google Tag Manager (GTM) with Deadline Funnel
How to use Google Tag Manager (GTM) with Deadline Funnel
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If you're using Google Tag Manager to manage tags for your website, you can add your Deadline Funnel tracking code to your Google Tag Manager account, to make the tracking code available to the pages that you will use in your campaigns.

Deadline Funnel default behavior

The default behavior in Deadline Funnel is to always show a deadline on the page.

  • If the visitor has already been tracked by Deadline Funnel, then we'll show their existing deadline.

  • If they haven't been tracked yet, Deadline Funnel will start tracking them via their IP address/cookie, and display a new deadline for that user.

Log in to your Google Tag Manager account. Select your website's container and click Add a new tag.

Enter a name for your tag and then choose Custom HTML as the type.

Now head to your account in Deadline Funnel, click Tracking Code in the top navigation, and then copy the tracking code.

Return to Google Tag Manager and paste the code into the HTML container.

Click the Advanced Settings dropdown and select Once per page under Tag firing options.

Under Fire On, select All Pages. Click Create Tag.

Make sure to click Save

Now click Submit and then Publish in the dashboard to commit these changes.

The Deadline Funnel Tracking Code will no be active on your website and once you add a page URL as a timer to your campaign in Deadline Funnel, you should see the timer appear and tracking events register.

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