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How to Time Your Mailchimp Emails to Match Your Deadline
How to Time Your Mailchimp Emails to Match Your Deadline
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In this doc, we'll show you how to time your Mailchimp email sequence.

There are a few additional steps to complete after that -

Sometimes you want to give your subscribers reminder emails letting them know when their deadline is ending. But what happens if some of your subscribers sign up at 8 AM, and others subscribe at 4 PM on the same day? How can you make sure the reminder emails match the set deadline?

Here's how you can do that in Mailchimp:

Navigate to your Mailchimp Journey and ensure that you have a tag or other starting point to mark when users are subscribed, and also check to be sure that you have followed the API setup steps to add your webhook URL to Mailchimp:

In this example, we've set the campaign to be 3 days and to end at 11:59 PM EST on the final day:

Because we've integrated our campaign with Mailchimp and added the webhook URL in our Audience settings, when the user signs up, the webhook is sent back to Deadline Funnel to trigger the deadline.

We'll then add a tag to the subscribers which kicks off the Journey, and then our first email goes out to our subscribers immediately.

Now we'll add in a 1-day delay after the first email:

Next, we'll add the Day 1 email and set it to send on any day between 8am-8:15am. (You can choose any time that works for you.) This means that this email will go out on Day 1 (the day after the deadline started) at around 8am.

We'll continue adding 1-day wait conditions and emails with the same time settings until we reach the last day of our sequence.

On the last day, we know that our "Day 3" morning email will go out at 8 AM โ€“ so we can set another two wait periods and reminders emails to go out 9 hours before the deadline ends and 3 hours before the deadline is reached, respectively: (or whatever interval you prefer). This time we'll add the number of hours to wait and then add the last reminder emails to go out immediately after the wait periods:

This is what the last day will look like:

Important: Please note that in this example, the time zone selected in Deadline Funnel and the Mailchimp emails is set to EST. You can set this time zone to whatever you wish, but the time zones set in Deadline Funnel and Mailchimp must be the same.

That's it! Please be sure to test your campaign.

If you have any questions, please let us know at or in our live chat at the bottom right of your screen

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