The social proof app in Portal gives you an easy way to demonstrate social proof to your audience!


Important Note:

You need to create Custom Events before using social proof in Portal.
Follow this guide on how to create Custom Events

How to display social proof with Portal

Social proof events are pseudo-anonymized to display only the first name of the person who generated the event, and to either display the state if the person generating the event is in the U.S., or just the country if the person generating the event is outside of the U.S.

Location information will only be available for lead tracking events from a Deadline Funnel campaign. Sales tracking and custom events will not collect nor show location information in social proof notifications.

For events where the first name is not available (if the first name was not sent from your email platform to ConvertHub via a webhook / Zapier integration), then the social proof block will display "Someone" instead of the person's first name. For example: "Someone just purchased My First Course!"

Choose the "Hide personal information" option if you always want social proof to display "Someone" instead of your subscriber's name and location.

At launch, social proof will not have any event sources to show. If you have not yet created custom events to use with your Portals, follow this guide to do that now.

Once you have custom events in place, click the Manage Events button to view the available sources:

In the Events windows, you can choose the custom events you want to use with your Portal.

Choose the events, click the Add button and then click Save & Close

That's it! Your Portal is now ready to display social proof!

Testing your Event

Since the Custom Event integration is happening inside of your Email Platform, Deadline Funnel is unable to diagnose any specific setup errors. Please always test the event following its creation.

You can follow our guide on how to test your Custom Event here.

If you have any questions, contact us via chat (bottom right corner of your screen) or email at We're always happy to help! πŸ™‚

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