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How to Trigger a Deadline in Flodesk using Zapier
How to Trigger a Deadline in Flodesk using Zapier
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In this guide, we will set up a trigger between Deadline Funnel and Flodesk, so that a deadline timer is started when someone is added to Flodesk. You can use any email service provider you choose, as long as they integrate with Zapier.

Note: Make sure that you have already integrated your Zapier account with Deadline Funnel and your email service provider (ESP).

Setup the Deadline Funnel trigger with your ESP

In your Zapier dashboard, select 'Create Zap' and select Flodesk as the Trigger App:

Choose 'Subscriber Added to Segment' and click 'Continue':

If your Flodesk account is already connected, go ahead and select it here. Then click 'Continue'.

If you haven't connected your Flodesk account to Zapier yet, click 'Add New Account' and follow Zapier's instructions to connect the two, then click 'Continue'.

Next, select the Flodesk segment that you want to trigger the deadline, then click 'Continue'.

Make sure you have at least one subscriber in the segment so there is data to fetch, then click 'Test Trigger'.

Once you see a successful test message, click 'Continue'.

Now select 'Deadline Funnel' for your Action App:

Select 'Start Deadline' and click 'Continue'.

Select your Deadline Funnel account and click 'Continue'.

Choose the Deadline Funnel Campaign/promotion that you want to trigger, select the email address field to capture emails, and click 'Continue'.

Note: You can leave the 'First Name' field blank, as it's not necessary for Deadline Funnel.

Click 'Test & Continue' to run a quick test.

Once the test is successful, click 'Publish Zap' then 'Publish & Turn On'.

You can now test that the Zap is working by adding a new subscriber to your list in Flodesk and verifying that the subscriber's email has been added under Analytics > Event Tracking in Deadline Funnel.

Please note that there can be a slight delay between Zapier and Deadline Funnel, so if it doesn't show up right away, simply check back in five to ten minutes.

Important Note about Email Links

For the integration to work you MUST use the Deadline Funnel email links in any of your emails that

  1. link to a sales page with a deadline timer

  2. link to a page in your funnel that links to another page with your deadline timer

In other words, the API integration requires that your subscribers click one of the Deadline Funnel email links before they reach a page with a countdown. This is necessary in order to make sure each subscriber is assigned the correct deadline.

If you have any questions, contact us via chat (bottom right corner of your screen) or email at We're always happy to help! πŸ™‚

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