How to add a Countdown to Unbounce
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Note : You need to create a Deadline Funnel campaign before integrating with Unbounce.

Add a Floating Bar Countdown Timer to Unbounce:

1. Click on 'Javascripts' at the bottom of your page editor:

2. Navigate to 'Tracking Code' in your Deadline Funnel dashboard to copy the custom HTML code for your countdown:

3. Paste this code into the 'Javascript' box in Unbounce and click 'Save Code':

4. Save changes for the page:

The Unbounce editor will not show your floating bar timer, even though the code is now present. To view the countdown timer, you'll need to add your page to Edit Campaign > Pages.

5. When your page is complete and published, copy your 'live' URL from your Unbounce admin, navigate to Pages, select Add New Page, select 'Display Floating Bar' and then add your URL :

6. Refresh your page and you will see your Floating Bar timer. Here's an example of what the Floating Bar looks like:

Adding an Inline Countdown Timer to Unbounce:

If you want to add an inline countdown to your Unbounce page, you will need to complete these additional steps to add the inline countdown snippet to your page. Follow steps #1-4 above and

1. Add a Custom HTML box to your page, in the spot where you want your countdown to appear:

2. Edit your 'Page', choose 'Display Inline Timer', copy the HTML snippet provided, and click 'Save':

3. Paste this HTML snippet into your Unbounce 'Custom HTML' box and save your changes:

4. Refresh your page and your inline countdown will appear where you inserted the HTML snippet:

You're all done! Your countdown timer has now been integrated into your Unbounce page.

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