To make things easy, we've compiled a list of all the ways you can integrate Deadline Funnel with Thinkific.

Note : Thinkific has several theme versions on their platform: Pre-V2 Themes (also referred to as V1 Themes), V2 Themes, and Site Builder Themes. The theme version you're running depends on when you signed up and if you've upgraded or not. If you're not sure which theme version you're currently using, you can find out here: Which Thinkific Version am I On?

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Integrating Deadline Funnel with Thinkific pages

There are several ways to integrate Deadline Funnel with your Thinkific account to offer evergreen, personalized deadlines for your leads:

Integrating with a Price Discount (Legacy)
Create an evergreen funnel offering a limited-time discount with a deadline personalized for each lead.

Integrating with an Expiring Course (Legacy)
Create an evergreen funnel that offers your course for a limited period of time, after which, the course will be unavailable.

Integrating with Expiring Bonuses (Legacy)
Create an evergreen funnel offering limited-time bonuses for each lead. The bonuses will be available before the deadline, but will disappear after the deadline expires.

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