Using our API Integration with AWeber, you can trigger your countdown based on when someone subscribes to a specific list in your AWeber account.

Important Note: Deadline Funnel will trigger the deadline when a user is first added to your list in AWeber, regardless of if they've confirmed their subscription or not. So you will need to disable the double optin feature in your AWeber account in order for this to work properly.

Step 1.

In your Deadline Funnel dashboard, click on 'Integrations' in the top menu and hit 'Add a New Integration', then select AWeber from the list of options and click Next:

Step 2.

On the next screen click ‘Integrate’

Step 3.

You'll be taken to another page where you’ll need to login to your AWeber account:

Step 4.

Once you’ve successfully connected your accounts, you will be taken to this page:

Step 5.

On this page you will do two things:

1. Select the list in AWeber that you want to integrate with

2. Select the custom field that you want to use to store each lead's deadline. If you want to create a new field, just type the name into the box and hit enter to create the new custom field:

When you've completed those two fields, click Next and now you should be ready to test it out!

Step 6.

Go ahead and add a new subscriber to your list in AWeber and then come back to Deadline Funnel and hit the Aweber Integration. If the integration is successful, you should see a tracking event registered here:

This means you’re all set! The deadline will now be triggered when a new subscriber is added to your list in AWeber. :)

Note: Deadline Funnel runs a check for new subscribers in your AWeber list every 15 minutes, so the trigger is not always instantaneous. If you notice that someone has opted in recently and hasn't shown up in Analytics > Event Tracking in Deadline Funnel yet, you may just need to wait a few more minutes for Deadline Funnel to run another check and trigger their deadline.

Important Note about Email Links

For the API integration to work you MUST use the Deadline Funnel email links in any of your emails that link to a sales page with a countdown timer, or that link to a page in your funnel that links to another page with your countdown timer.

In other words, the API integration requires that your subscribers click one of the Deadline Funnel email links before they reach a page with a countdown. This is necessary in order to make sure each subscriber is assigned the correct deadline.

If you have any questions along, please reach out to us via chat in the bottom right-hand corner or shoot us a quick email at

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